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The ability to the change or alter the chemical compounds of a substance by mentally rearranging its atomic structure. The user can change any element form, liquid form, gaseous form, or even plasma form. Some users are limited to a single chemical source or target, others can turn anything into anything else.


  • Turn into a solid, liquid or gaseous form.
  • Cause solid objects to disintegrate.
  • Can speed up chemical reactions.
  • Cause explosions.
  • Turn the fresh air into a poison gas.
  • Turn metal into gold.
  • Turn minerals into metal.
  • Crystallize objects.
  • Increase the heat of an object, burning it.
  • Decrease an objects' heat freezing it.
  • Can generate lightning by manipulating the charges of atoms.
  • Can kill a human by poisoning the human's body.
  • Limited Poison Manipulation.
  • Limited Regeneration.

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