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Quote1 With a speed I have never known before, I move the fetid bulk that is my body across the span of feet -- and the claw that is my hand closes upon Damian's wrist -- crushing it... Quote2
--Alexander Olsen (New Earth)

Quote1 Where is evil in all the wood? Quote2

--Alexander Olsen (New Earth)

Quote1 Uhhh, Swamp Thing? The Elders need to know what you did with the Committee. And the new seed, Swamp Thing-- Where did it go? Swamp Thing...? Alec? Quote2

--Alexander Olsen (New Earth)

Quote1 And our line of Erl-Kings ends and a new lineage of human elementals begins. Splendid. What took you so long? Quote2

--Alexander Olsen (New Earth)

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