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Quote1 As always, he proves the incompetent fool for not accepting the inevitable! When I am done, all his universes shall be destroyed... while mine shall rule supreme! Universe after universe has fallen before my power. World after world is absorbed into one. How many worlds do I now control? How many lives are now mine? Quote2
--Anti-Monitor (Antimatter Universe)

Quote1 As for you, Pirate--I now grant your wish. There are three earths left for me to conquer. My foe's champions are being sent there to save those worlds! I shall increase your abilities! And you shall use your emotion-controlling powers to win me final victory! Quote2

--Anti-Monitor (Antimatter Universe)

Quote1 No hope. No mercy. The universe you knew is nothing but a memory and I have no intention of leaving anyone alive to honor it. Quote2

--Anti-Monitor (Antimatter Universe)

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