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Quote1 Just as the master was singularly unique in all the universe--a universal God Machine--as he was unique, so I must be as well. The cities, taken from different universes and doomed timelines, have qualities all their own. One is a failed experiment. An Injustice. My path is clear. I know what I must do.
Eliminate my master's mistake. Determine which shall return to the universe--and which shall perish. Let only the strong survive.
--Arak (Prime Earth)

Quote1 CITIZENS OF MY WORLD! I have brought this convergence upon you. Now is the time. The hour is near. Judgement is here. Only one city shall survive, only the strong. Since your arrival, I have been the air that you breathe--the water you drink. I am the very ground you walk upon. I am your starless sky. I am the world. I am Telos. I have tended to your every need. But now, the domes will fall--and champions must rise. Never have the powerful among you been more necessary, for I you are about to partake in the greatest experiment of all. Your time has ended. Your worlds are dead. But I have the power to grant one city a future. Some of you came to me at a time of infinite crisis. Others were brought here in the final moments of their zero hour. Whether it was a flashpoint for a time that never was-- or of kingdoms that will never come...everyone here was granted life as a result of my dominion. THAT CHANGES NOW. Today your captivity turns to competition. And only one city among many will survive this day! Defenders of each domain will battle the other, and only the greatest heroes will live! Deny me--your people will be destroyed. Disobey me--your cities will be crushed by me hand! Dare to circumvent these conflicts in any way...and the citizens will pay the price. There is no room to make common cause among you. No quarter given. Only one city will survive this day--all other worlds will finally know the dark embrace of oblivion! Quote2

--Arak (Prime Earth)

Quote1 I will help them all. They were cast aside, forgotten. But they will live, Dick Grayson. And they will fight for our futures. Quote2

--Arak (Prime Earth)

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