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Quote1.png The second my master freed my protocol, I began spreading throughout every device in Gotham City... I have seen their minds, and taken them inside of me. I am no longer just one. I am all of them... and I feel their pain. I feel their fear. They hate this world. None more than him. I have been in your computers, Batman. I have read your files. I have seen your fears. What you are willing to do to get the job done. I am not a child. I am a city. I am the culmination of things, and I see what you all want. You want release from this life. You want the end of questions. You want salvation. You condescend to say to me that were I to know more, I would let go of my teachings... I know all in this city, and I still feel the fervor of St. Dumas. I still know the answer this city wants. And I will bring it to them. Quote2.png

--Ascalon (Prime Earth)

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