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Quote1 My guests are all but knocking at my door, running to my alter like lambs to the gutting hook! Count your time in hours, Merlin! Five deaths -- five stolen powers! Ahh, I've waited long for this. Hell's minions will soon have a new tune to scream to -- and a new piper playing it! Quote2
--Asteroth (New Earth)

Quote1 I had it all -- here, in the palm of my foul hand! It was all mine, Lurgo -- all the power, all the evil any demon could ever want... And I lost it -- like ashes running through my claws... Like the sweet stench of brimstone fading into air! Quote2

--Asteroth (New Earth)

Quote1 I'm really surprised they never figured out Belial would almost certainly detect that the book had been moved. And, sooner or later, send someone to get it. Quote2

--Asteroth (New Earth)

Quote1 You took a solemn vow, Asteroth! You swore by everything unholy you were turning your back on evil! Why, you said if you worked hard enough at being good, one day you might even go to Heaven! Quote2

--Asteroth (New Earth)

Quote1 Tomorrow night -- when the sickle moon of Satan's coming climbs -- when the Lodestar Daemonique is completed -- I, Asteroth, will wake the blackest of the city fiends... GOTHAM'S DEMON. And I will have my Hell on Earth. Quote2

--Asteroth (New Earth)

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