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Quote1 In the end... All roads lead back... To Darkness. Quote2
--Barbatos (Dark Multiverse)

Quote1 Yes. The truth is, you are nothing without me. You are plain. Less than plain. This place, my realm, it is full of worlds created from fears and failings, and you... You have more than any other hero, my son. Whole galaxies of worlds built by the unspoken terrors in your heart. I showed you three, but there are thousands. Look around you. People think you are a great hero of humanity. Maybe the greatest. They strive to be like you, all because I willed it. So, when your true nature was revealed, they would shrink back to the dark. Now look! LOOK! Because this is who you are without my help. They are the real you, Bruce. I picked the ones I needed... the darkest ones... and I brought them through the window. Look at them! Quote2

--Barbatos (Dark Multiverse)

Quote1 You want Bruce Wayne? Look around. Quote2

--Barbatos (Dark Multiverse)

Quote1 Welcome to the dark. Quote2

--Barbatos (Dark Multiverse)

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