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Quote1 I saw another way to live. And as Aurelie died in my arms, she reminded me of it. I started thinking about all the times that I had been touched when I didn't want to be. Or been leered at. Or been overlooked. Or made to feel invisible. Quote2
--Big Barda (Prime Earth)

Quote1 Scott, what--there's no time for this. You have to get across. You're the son of Highfather, the son of God, heir to his throne, raised by his greatest enemy. You may be the only one who can save us. Quote2

--Big Barda (Prime Earth)

Quote1 This is it. The last memory you'll get of the world that loved you. Red lights. Endless. At least it's pretty. It's almost pretty. Quote2

--Big Barda (Prime Earth)

Quote1 Scott. So. I'm pregnant. Quote2

--Big Barda (Prime Earth)

Quote1 I like him. I think we should keep him. Grandson of Darkseid. Son of Highfather. The first child born of Apokolips and New Genesis. A New God. A little miracle. Quote2

--Big Barda (Prime Earth)

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