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Quote1 Me am not monster! Me am not Superman... me am... Bizarro! Quote2
--Bizarro II (Prime Earth)

Quote1 Yes. Me know. But friends more important. Quote2

--Bizarro II (Prime Earth)

Quote1 Me? I'm Bizarro. Me got this. Quote2

--Bizarro II (Prime Earth)

Quote1 Bizarro not hate world. Even when in glass room. Inside looking out. Me had memories... a better place... man and woman sending me away from a world on fire. Another man and woman loving me. Him? Me remember fields. Me remember first time Bizarro stepped into sky. Friends. And secrets. Truth and justice. American way. But me am not stupid. Am not my memories. Never mine. Am thoughts someone put into Bizarro's head. Am like Bizarro's mind and heart not good enough. Bizarro's real memories not start until Red Him. And Red Her. Bizarro am not perfect. But Red Him show me how... and me promise to be the best Bizarro can be. Quote2

--Bizarro II (Prime Earth)

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