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Quote1 They're not the super-heroes at all! I suspected it when they destroyed our base and tried to kill us... Quote2
--Brek Bannin (Pre-Zero Hour)

Quote1 I didn't camp out! I didn't beg! I worked my ass off getting into the Legion! And the whole time I did, while the Legion was being cheered on, all I would hear was "pathetic loser!" "They don't want you!" "Can't you get it through that frozen skull?!" And you know what? I couldn't! Quote2

--Brek Bannin (Pre-Zero Hour)

Quote1 You actually believe you can kill the Legion? Superman was dead for almost a thousand years and people still remembered him. You can kill everyone wearing a Legion ring, but the dream Superman started will never die. Long live the Legion. Quote2

--Brek Bannin (Pre-Zero Hour)

Quote1 Bright side --? One member of my team changed his sex this morning... another hasn't thought to change his stone form to flesh long enough to see what's going one... and you... you! You're the one who infected Color Kid with grandin gender reversal germs... right??? Quote2

--Brek Bannin (Pre-Zero Hour)

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