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Quote1 My parents were murdered by a lunatic when I was a child. I vowed then to dedicate my life to the prevention of such needless tragedies -- by curing the madmen responsible. Quote2
--Bruce Wayne (Batman of Arkham)

Quote1 I sat, frozen, as the lights of my life were extinguished, and my mother's blood splashed my cheek. Quote2

--Bruce Wayne (Batman of Arkham)

Quote1 Why do some men kill? Human beings have a natural taboo against murder. Give the average man a knife, and tell him to slit his fellow's throat. He will not do it. He cannot do it. It's something basic in a man, something in the blood that's part and parcel of being human. The military understand this. They desensitize the new recruit, break his spirit so they can replace his thoughts with their own instructions. But some men kill for pleasure. What is the line that these men cross, that turns them from human beings into murderers? What allows them to kill, not just once, or even twice, but many, many times? I have dedicated my life to trying to answer that question. Quote2

--Bruce Wayne (Batman of Arkham)

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