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Quote1 And that is your greatest folly, Victor. You are the weakest of the League. Because if you were willing to cast off your humanity, you would be the strongest. You have no comprehension of the power that resides within you. And so we will take it to rewrite your world in the name of Barbatos. Quote2
--Bruce Wayne (Earth -44)

Quote1 You were wrong, Vic. The best thing I ever did was let him in. I still remember the fear when they surrounded me. I realized quickly that my plan was not going to work. I would not be able to affect the program in time. And when they grabbed onto me, started to spread through my entire body, I was foolish enough to scream in fear. That was the first thing my father fixed in me. He took my ability to feel fear away, my ability to feel sadness. You know, to that point I had spent my life obsessing over my lost birth parents, ignoring the one who was there right in front of me. I was free of that as well. Next came my weak, human flesh. It was growing older and more brittle by the day. Quote2

--Bruce Wayne (Earth -44)

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