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History: On New Genesis Orion railed to Highfather, complaining that he always felt he was on the losing side, and that he was sick of seeing comrades die. To give Orion another lesson in humility Highfather entrusted the body of Forager to him and told him to return his remains to the Bugs. Orion despised the Bugs as lesser beings, but Highfather wanted him to see that everyone who hated Darkseid was on the same side. Forager was honored with a grand funeral, and Orion agreed to relate the history of new Genesis to the Bugs, who recorded history through oral tradition and had many gaps to fill in. Eventually Orion discussed his youth and how his only friend Akral was slaughtered by the Bugs, leading to his hatred of them. A survivor of Orion’s retribution presented himself, and told him he’d sacrifice his life if Orion would end his vendetta. Orion was touched by his warrior’s spirit and agreed that the New Gods and Bugs should forge a truce. Orion arranged peace-talks between the New Gods and the Bugs, demanding independent states for the Bugs in exchange for their services in the war against Apokolips. Some of the Council of Five bristled at the idea of cooperating with Bugs, and the Commander claimed they’d be poor soldiers. Prime One offered Forager II as their champion, and challenged the New Gods to select their own to battle her in an arena., Lonar was chosen, and after a brutal fight he won, but was impressed with her skills, and the fact that she would rather die than be beaten, so he proclaimed the Bugs worthy allies. Metron awoke from his coma and revealed to Orion that the Bugs were created by the New Gods as biological weapons against Apokolips, but when they escaped and ravaged New Genesis they blamed Apokolips for their creation. Orion felt betrayed and told Highfather he was not as righteous as he seemed. He struck Highfather and left New Genesis.
(New Gods III #4, 5) - Orion spent time contemplating on a mountaintop in Tibet, but Forager II followed him. She told him he’d have to accept that the New Gods weren’t perfect, but they were trying to make amends with the Bugs, something Apokolips would never do. Mantis built an insect colony around a nuclear missile silo in Tulsis, Nevada, planning to bombard Earth with a nuclear attack. Orion and Forager invaded the colony, slaughtering Mantis’ horde of bugs, but their efforts to stop Mantis from firing off six nuclear missiles failed. Mantis seemingly killed Forager and in his rage at losing a woman he felt connected too Orion killed Mantis. With Lightray’s help he caught up to the missiles and opened a Boom Tube to the insect colonies of New Genesis, destroying their civilization. Orion felt no joy, but thought the Bugs deserved what they got. Forager reappeared alive and railed against Orion for not considering using the Boom Tube to bring the missiles to an empty world. Mantis’ hordes had perished, but so had many innocent Bugs. She hit Orion and told him he was no different than his father Darkseid. an the war against Apokolips was lost.
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[[Category:Characters by Species, Race or Type]]

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