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Quote1 Hey. Hey! If nine cats are on a boat and one jumps off, how many cats are left? You think it's eight but it's not. It's none. Because they're copycats. But is it that a joke or a riddle? Right? But I mean, is there a difference? Jokes and riddles, they're all...or is it it everything...I was thinking. About the wind. You ever think about the wind? Quote2
--Charles Brown (Prime Earth)

Quote1 There's an old story. I ever tell you this? Like a guy is pushing this boulder up to the top of this hill. And he's cursed. So, like, every time he gets it right to the top, it rolls down. That's the curse. He never makes it. But he has to get it up, so he goes back down and gets it and does it over. Pushing it up again. Watching it fall. Over and over. Forever. That's a joke, right? It's funny. Right at the top, he's happy, and...whoops! Ha ha ha. Ha. Ha. And that's me. That's all of us. We're all just pushing a boulder. Whatever we're trying, we're going to watch it fall, we're going to hear them laugh. Right at the top of the hill. All of us. We're all jokes. But the thing is, right, you got to laugh, too. It's the only way. I mean, you got to laugh with them. Quote2

--Charles Brown (Prime Earth)

Quote1 I was a villain. Fine. I robbed some people. On the high floors. With kites. Fine! Why does that mean I have to lose everything?! I have to lose my stupid mind?! Quote2

--Charles Brown (Prime Earth)

Quote1 Kite-Man. Hell yeah. Quote2

--Charles Brown (Prime Earth)

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