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Quote1 Lantrin! What is dis anyhow ... a con -- a conspir -- a frame up? Quote2
--Charles Dickles (New Earth)

Quote1 No Superguys... No Adventures... Nothin' T'Remind Me of... Her. Quote2

--Charles Dickles (New Earth)

Quote1 Wot? Me go to some spiggoty place wid youse cuckoos? Get outta here! Quote2

--Charles Dickles (New Earth)

Quote1 Poikins ... if we wuz used in any way, wedder ya knowed it or not, weez gonna take it outta yer hide, and that won't be no coinkidink. Capeesh? Quote2

--Charles Dickles (New Earth)

Quote1 Little goil, youse talkin' to a gen-u-ine ol' time Big Apple hack driver! Compared t' Times Square at rush hour... ? Dis here's a snap!! Quote2

--Charles Dickles (New Earth)

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