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Quote1 Ah, you've heard of me? I'm delighted that your education has been so comprehensive. Yes, I am the daughter of Hyperion and Perseis, former Princess of Colchis, favored of Hecate...and ultimately, as the fates would have it, your executioner! Quote2
--Circe (New Earth)

Quote1 I am your reflection in a warped mirror. This world is not big enough for both of us. Quote2

--Circe (New Earth)

Quote1 He's a cop. Cops hate to get involved in domestic stuff. It's not neat. It's not clean. You don't get a medal. Quote2

--Circe (New Earth)

Quote1 Looks like you're God in this city now, Mr. Buchanan. But even God needs a lawyer. Quote2

--Circe (New Earth)

Quote1 I'm an impostor disguised as evil. You're an impostor disguised as a hero. The gods are impostors and the Amazons are impostors and the humans are impostors. That adorable Nemesis is an impostor of everything. Nothing is ever real... Quote2

--Circe (New Earth)

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