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Quote1 You know it's okay, right? I mean, getting scared. Everybody's scared. But that just, like, means everyone gets the opportunity to...we get to fight that fear. We get the chance to be brave. Quote2
--Claire Clover (Prime Earth)

Quote1 My brother is a hero, Flash. And I'll always be there for him. No matter the cost. Quote2

--Claire Clover (Prime Earth)

Quote1 All of which is to say, hi, I'm Gotham Girl. Like Robin, but better. And you should...stop. Cool? Quote2

--Claire Clover (Prime Earth)

Quote1 It's always some monster. Psycho-Pirate. Hugo Strange. Making my brother go mad. Making me afraid of what I can do. But not... this time. Not with all these people's lives. I won't be. This time I won't be afraid! Quote2

--Claire Clover (Prime Earth)

Quote1 It's time someone taught you a lesson, Batman. About the price of the life you lead. Quote2

--Claire Clover (Prime Earth)

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