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Quote1 The Black Flash appears whenever it's a speedster's time to become one with the Speed Force. Quote2
--Commander Cold (New Earth)

Quote1 At the end of the day, I'm just a cop, Flash. Just like you. Quote2

--Commander Cold (New Earth)

Quote1 It's a Speed Lab. It uses my future technology to track the escapes Rogues, follows Trickster's plans, keep an eye on the new force users... Whatever we protect Central City and beyond. Quote2

--Commander Cold (New Earth)

Quote1 I'm not trying to put him down. In fact, when I joined the Renegades, we had to study Flash history... and Wally West?... He was always my favorite Flash. Quote2

--Commander Cold (New Earth)

Quote1 Sorry, Flash. But we tried this your way. The only way we're gonna stop the Strength Force now... is by killing you both. Quote2

--Commander Cold (New Earth)

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