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Quote1 Welcome back to Quiz Freak, where I'm in control! Brain's in the lead. In second place: Psimon. Beast Boy has negative one. Now it's time for the lightning round: where the freak in last place gets zapped with real lightning! Quote2
--Control Freak (Teen Titans TV Series)

Quote1 Nothing is wrong with your television. Do not attempt to change the channel. Your regularly scheduled program will not seen because I am controlling the trans machine. I control the horizontal. I control the vertical. And those buttons on your remote that don't seem to do anything, I know what they're for! From this moment on, your television belongs to me: Control Freak! Quote2

--Control Freak (Teen Titans TV Series)

Quote1 Welcome, Titans East. After much analysis I have created a series of events redesigned to challenge your specific powers. If you succeed, you have proven your worth as Titans. But failure means the city the real Titans trusted you to protect will be destroyed! Quote2

--Control Freak (Teen Titans TV Series)

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