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Green Arrow's Chili is hot stuff.

Sometimes compared with "artistry", Cooking is a term used to describe the ability of some characters to prepare, present and create complex dishes beyond that of a normal meal. Usually, those who are proficient in this craft are sous chefs or master chefs, but others have also been known to refine the art of cooking for their own personal tastes. Abigail Hunkel's long history as a shop-keeper and home owner has made her a veteran in the kitchen, and she is responsible for continuously preparing meals for the ever-growing roster of the Justice Society of America.

Oliver Queen, while not a master chef, is known for his creativeness in the kitchen, particularly when it comes to his infamous extra-spicy chili recipe. Allegedly, Ollie's chili is so hot that it even gives the Martian Manhunter fits of anxiety. Alfred Pennyworth is a classically trained chef and always brings an expertly prepared plate of food to his master Bruce Wayne. More often than not however, Bruce is heavily involved in his dual identity as Batman and has little time for anything but the simplest of repasts. Many cooks however, delight in crafting fresh, invigorating variations on old-style classic dishes. No one has ever passed up a second slice of Ma Kent's rhubarb pie.

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