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Quote1 I got killed by aliens. The end -- not! I came back! And I wasn't alone -- I'm the gate of Animus, one of the Archai. He looks like a metal head, but he's cool. Quote2
--Courtney Mason (New Earth)

Quote1 I was feeling sorry for myself! But it's much more fun hating creeps like you! You think because you're a guy, you can take what you want! Because you're young and strong! But youth doesn't last forever, punk! Sometimes not long at all! Quote2

--Courtney Mason (New Earth)

Quote1 Ever hear of the Bill of Rights? Quote2

--Courtney Mason (New Earth)

Quote1 Didn't know Aunt Max was into D&D! Check out these weirdass gods! Quote2

--Courtney Mason (New Earth)

Quote1 Girl, you picked the wrong day to mess with me! Quote2

--Courtney Mason (New Earth)

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