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Quote1 Shush! Down there! It's crime time. Quote2
--Damian Wayne (Lil Gotham)

Quote1 No way! It's ninjas vs. Zombies?! It's like... like a dream within a dream. Quote2

--Damian Wayne (Lil Gotham)

Quote1 They're just kids... Kids?! What lowlife has kids doing their dirty work? And before you answer... I'm not a kid! Quote2

--Damian Wayne (Lil Gotham)

Quote1 How are you even Superman's number-one villain?! A robosuit?! We have like...eight of those in the Batcave! Quote2

--Damian Wayne (Lil Gotham)

Quote1 Aagh! This whole house is a cave. Which is kinda cool. But still... Quote2

--Damian Wayne (Lil Gotham)

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