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Quote1 I may need a pen to write allthis down. Quote2
--Daniel Brickwell (New Earth)

Quote1 Do not forget who runs this city. Quote2

--Daniel Brickwell (New Earth)

Quote1 Sweet mother of crap. Is that a threat? Quote2

--Daniel Brickwell (New Earth)
Quote1 You getting a full grasp of the situation? I'm not like the rest. I'm not like those whacked out freaks who want to run the world through mind control and blow the JLA to Hell. I was raised here in Star City. I ate the crap it fed me and I grew. Now, here I am, just a working man. And for me, it's all about business. And you -- superhero -- have found your way into my business! Quote2

Quote1 There's a million ways this was gonna happen, but in the end, it was gonna finish with you dead! Quote2

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