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Quote1 What is the worth of a single life? How does one measure its power? Even the humblest of souls touches others... And yet, for all the good or ill that life accomplishes, it perishes at the last with an imperceptible whisper. As if it never existed at all. Quote2
--DeSaad (New Earth)

Quote1 It has been so long since we have all had the chance to chat. I do so look forward to resuming our interrupted conversation. Quote2

--DeSaad (New Earth)

Quote1 Pain is the loom upon which the cloth of the universe is woven. There is no life without pain, as there is no death without it. Embrace your pain. Let it guide your mind and thoughts. Quote2

--DeSaad (New Earth)

Quote1 Now is the time for the evil gods. Now is the hour of your soul's extinction. Quote2

--DeSaad (New Earth)

Quote1 That is precisely why I, DeSaad, came to this cursed world in the first place... to prove, as my master, Darkseid, has boasted, that there is no legend, no matter how exalted or ennobled... that cannot, with a little concentrated effort, be (Ha Haaa) totally obliterated once and for all! Quote2

--DeSaad (New Earth)

Quote1 My mandate from Darkseid was clear: "Destroy the man's legend," he said to me, "and the man himself will become irrelevant!" I wonder. For it seems to me now that a hero's legend is, in essence, the lengthened shadow of the man himself -- and that shadows cannot die so long as there remain great men to cast them. Quote2

--DeSaad (New Earth)

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