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Quote1 Citizens of Telos. There is no more need to fight. You will all have a place in my new reality. As long as you pledge your lives to me. I have banished the being that brought you all here. I saved your lives. I will protect them. For a price. Quote2
--Deimos (New Earth)

Quote1 It was he who destroyed my empire! Slew me! Scarred me! Condemned me to a life of darkness! For that he shall pay a terrible price, and the child will be my instrument of vengeance! Quote2

--Deimos (New Earth)

Quote1 His doom was sealed the moment he entered my domain of darkness! The man called the Warlord shall be no more! Quote2

--Deimos (New Earth)

Quote1 There is an intimacy between enemies that lovers will never match. Such a thing is to be savored. Quote2

--Deimos (New Earth)

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