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Quote1 You created me. I am your twin, your dark star. Made in your image. Quote2
--Diana of Themyscira (DC Bombshells)

Quote1 Is this what you desire? Corpses? Rot? Oblivion?! Are you willing to bring forth this Hell, all to hold onto your petty hatred? Your love of killing? Of cruelty? Of thinking yourselves noble and righteous men?! Is this what you would leave your children?! Surrender. Submit to me. And redeem yourselves for what you have made of your world. Quote2

--Diana of Themyscira (DC Bombshells)

Quote1 Mother, I have learned of the enemy who seeks purge the Earth -- of ghastly devices that wreak nothing but bloodshed. Honeycombs that fire wasps of metal, stone chests that launch tongues of flame -- huge tortoises that crush entire forests in their passing, and a tyrant with a symbol -- red and black, like a nest of thorns. This is war as the Earth has never known, and what are the Amazons, but its greatest warriors? Quote2

--Diana of Themyscira (DC Bombshells)

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