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Quote1 I fought as an amazon in trial by combat. Now you dare ask me to stand with the Insurgency in the name of Zeus?! I WILL NOT! Quote2
--Diana of Themyscira (Injustice)

Quote1 No. He's not the only one. Quote2

--Diana of Themyscira (Injustice)


--Diana of Themyscira (Injustice)

Quote1 I love you, Steve Trevor, but you killed one of our own. And you fight for a side that has committed unspeakable acts of violence against innocent people unable to defend themselves. These things I cannot forgive. It is our sacred duty as Amazons to defend the world. And I will protect it from you. Quote2

--Diana of Themyscira (Injustice)

Quote1 You're pathetic. You are a warrior who refuses to fight. You are a coward, mother. Quote2

--Diana of Themyscira (Injustice)

Quote1 I don't want violence either... violence is regrettable... but peace is worth fighting for Quote2

--Diana of Themyscira (Injustice)

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