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This page contains a listing of notable quotes by Diana of Themyscira (Justice League 3000).

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Quote1 I need to feel the crunch of bone beneath my boot-heels! The splatter of blood against my flesh! Quote2
--Diana of Themyscira (Justice League 3000)

Quote1 Personal hygiene is of the least of our problems. We must find transport... immediately -- and get back to Cadmus. Quote2

--Diana of Themyscira (Justice League 3000)

Quote1 Hera's Girdle! I don't meant that! As if a tiny scrap of a girl like you would be a suitable lover for a Themysciran princess! What I'm asking for is a story! A grand tale-- to help while away the ale-soaked hous! Quote2

--Diana of Themyscira (Justice League 3000)

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