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Quote1.png Ladies, gentlemen, others, creatures of indeterminate inner demons and fixations--My name is Dr. Psycho. And you're going to help me with a little experiment. All I ask? That you keep an open mind. Quote2.png

--Edgar Cizko (New Earth)

Quote1.png Because then I-- I was some small part of your life. Because that way I-- I could be close to you. Quote2.png

--Edgar Cizko (New Earth)

Quote1.png Look. It's all the underaged Brit brats and pots of bad tea you can stomach. Just jump in the damn hole. Quote2.png

--Edgar Cizko (New Earth)

See: Doctor Psycho


Quote1.png You've been a bad girl... a very bad girl. Quote2.png
Dr. Psycho

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