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Quote1 Not only is he certifiable... not only is he this far from having his license jerked... look, most PIs skate close to the edge, but Micah Rains... he lives there! He's a car wreck waiting to happen! Quote2
--Edward Indelicato (New Earth)

Quote1 As I closed the folder on this case, I stared at the photos of Diana, and of Myndi Mayer, another beautiful bird who just wanted to keep flying higher. Until she ran out of sky. Quote2

--Edward Indelicato (New Earth)

Quote1 Definitely a nutcase job. Who'd a thought it would be part of some damn epidemic. Quote2

--Edward Indelicato (New Earth)

Quote1 Cap'n, there ain't nothing more that can happen to me today that wouldn't be an improvement. Quote2

--Edward Indelicato (New Earth)

Quote1 Thank God! It's... whoinhellis that? Quote2

--Edward Indelicato (New Earth)

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