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Quote1 Consider me resigned from the Squadron --- Effective immediately! Quote2
--Elizabeth Lawrence (New Earth)

Quote1 Strange outcry for a cultish demi-god to make ... but then ... you weren't really even half a god, were you? Just a guy with big ambition ... and an exo-skeleton. Quote2

--Elizabeth Lawrence (New Earth)

Quote1 If the president's put out a distress call for costumed types, maybe he'll be interested in seeing a lady called-- Liberty Belle! Quote2

--Elizabeth Lawrence (New Earth)

Quote1 That radio talk should keep people from suspecting that I lead a double life -- and no one will recognize the prim and proper Miss Lawrence in this get-up! Quote2

--Elizabeth Lawrence (New Earth)

Quote1 What a spot! Once over that waterfall, and nobody will ever know what became of Liberty Belle -- or Libby Lawrence either -- Quote2

--Elizabeth Lawrence (New Earth)

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