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Quote1 It's Lobo's fault he's dead! He hunted Rasputin -- even attacked me so he could get him! Well, that's it! I'll find him and make him pay -- even if I have to scour the whole galaxy! And when I get him -- no more Mr. Nice Guy! I'll smack his naughty wrist, but sore! Quote2
--Ernest Widdle (New Earth)

Quote1 Death... I say to thee nay! Not because I fear self-sacrifice, but for the saftey of others -- for the smiles on the faces of the children -- for the little lambs gamboling in perfect meadows -- for the the Waltons, and the Osmonds, and that little prairie house -- for moms and their apple pies everywhere -- I call upon my powers to banish Death! Quote2

--Ernest Widdle (New Earth)

Quote1 You wicked, wicked fellows! See what happens when you play with sharp things? I'm cranking up the niceness vibes to maximum! Quote2

--Ernest Widdle (New Earth)

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