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Quote1 His rights can wait. Go ahead and hit him. -- WAP -- Touché! Quote2
--Eustace Dolan (First Wave)

Quote1 What the hell happen here? Why is this stiff dressed like you? Quote2

--Eustace Dolan (First Wave)

Quote1 Anyone can dress the part, put on a mask and go out there toting guns and claiming to fight for justice. Sure John Doe cleared some scum off the street, but he didn't make people sleep any more soundly in their beds. When night falls, there is only one man I trust to watch over Central City... The Spirit. Quote2

--Eustace Dolan (First Wave)

Quote1 Spirit! They've got Imani! You hear me? Kass says if you don't give yourself up by sunshine... he'll KILL Imani! Quote2

--Eustace Dolan (First Wave)

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