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Quote1 It would seem I chose well. Quote2
--Ganthet (Prime Earth)

Quote1 Without Love, you cannot win. Quote2

--Ganthet (Prime Earth)

Quote1 No one is safe. Once the Third Army has risen, they will take this world. They will replace the Lanterns. THEY WILL REPLACE EVERYONE. Quote2

--Ganthet (Prime Earth)

Quote1 The responsibility of a universe vast and unpredictable is yours, John Stewart. In time, you may feel you are always reactive to the schemes of others. Sinestro. Brainiac. Old Gods. Arriving only after an evil act. You may begin to lose hope in the goodness of sentient beings. To ponder if there is a way to stop all evil from ever happening at all. I tell you now, such thoughts are the path to madness. It is the sort of pondering that drove the rest of the Guardians of the Universe to become the evil they sought to stamp out. They are dead now, victims of their own schemes. The Council of the Guardians is broken. Only Sayd and I remain. If any were to have an excuse to lose hope, it is I. Yet I am heartend. For despite all I have borne witness to in my immortal life...the death. The darkness. The evil...There is still the joy of a child taking flight for the first time. Quote2

--Ganthet (Prime Earth)

Quote1 We Guardians have no descendants. No generations will follow us. But there is the Green Lantern Corps. We can vow to bend all our effort and knowledge toward guiding it. From this day until our last day comes for us. We can take our rightful place as governing council again. The name "Guardian" can stand for justice, reason and decency. Our true immortality will be the works we leave behind. This will be our legacy. Quote2

--Ganthet (Prime Earth)

Quote1 This is a priority alert to every Green Lantern Ring in a hundred million light-years. Return to Oa. Race to the center of the universe... the edge of space is about to rip open! The Source Wall is going to explode! Quote2

--Ganthet (Prime Earth)

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