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Quote1 I'm not talking about protecting or take-downs. I'm talking about what they see when you and your bat-squad hit the streets. Or when the Justice League makes the six o'clock news. They may see heroes, humans and aliens... but they don't see themselves. They don't see their people defending the streets, the country, or the planet. So many don't believe they're a part of the solution -- especially the kids. They don't realize we can make a difference, too. Quote2
--Gavin King (New Earth)

Quote1 I know what happens to people that threaten or cross you. And I wanted you to know... what I can do... what I will do to anyone who pimps our women and sells drugs to our kids! Don't care what color you are! I will tear you up and there's no way to stop me! Quote2

--Gavin King (New Earth)

Quote1 There'll be enough Hell to go around for everyone. That, I promise. Quote2

--Gavin King (New Earth)

Quote1 Hear me good! If a brother's been wronged, I'm there to back him up all the way! But if he's gone stone killer, or if he's selling out our people, like you, then I'll stomp him like the bug he is! Quote2

--Gavin King (New Earth)

Quote1 Hello, Gotham. Now there's a darker knight in town. Quote2

--Gavin King (New Earth)

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