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The gods are supernatural beings considered divine or sacred, controlling one or more spheres of power: war, love, wine, dreams, death, etc. Most of the so-called gods of the Earth were originally mortals whose powers were obtained when the Godwave spread throughout the universe. Gods have (usually) several of their attributes better than those of mortals, particularly longevity. Some gods are thousands years-old. There are a difference between the gods and the Endless: while the gods have a great control over an aspect of the universe, the Endless are actually anthropomorphic concepts.

The gods, as enchanted beings, are more subject to fate than mortals. Therefore, several times they used a mortal hero to achieve a goal. Sometimes, a worthy mortal can gain godhood from a Pantheon. This process is named apotheosis. Wonder Woman (Diana) briefly had apotheosis and lived among the Gods of Olympus.

It is known that the worshipping level is notably important for the gods. The greater the number of worshipers of a god, the greater their power will be.[1] [2]

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