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Quote1 You're all too weak... to handle one minute of being a woman on Apokolips. Quote2
--Granny Goodness (Prime Earth)

Quote1 You see, my boy, this. This is real. All the rest. The deaths, the war, the wife, the child. This pretend life you... it's in your head. You're insane. You're making it up. To escape from me. You little fool. You had a chance. Metron was a signal. You should've opened your eyes. You should've come back. How could you leave your Granny? Quote2

--Granny Goodness (Prime Earth)

Quote1 Who is true to us? Who is true at all? Quote2

--Granny Goodness (Prime Earth)

Quote1 Remember, nothing is more important than family. Quote2

--Granny Goodness (Prime Earth)

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