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Quote1 Who are you kidding, Jack? You did break the rules -- you used every criminal to scare them into giving you power! You were never playing fair, and now's not the time to start! She can still be defeated -- you need a new way to rig the game. By doing something the Joker would never do... by working with someone she would never expect you to work with. Quote2
--Harleen Quinzel (White Knight)

Quote1 If the city was going to forever condemn the Joker, they deserved to know Jack Napier. And I was betting that Jack had a lot to show us. A lot to show you. And I was right. Quote2

--Harleen Quinzel (White Knight)

Quote1 She's not pathetic, Jack! No more than I was! She's a person -- a flesh and blood woman who loved you and wanted to give you everything! Don't underestimate her! Don't underestimate her like you did me. Quote2

--Harleen Quinzel (White Knight)

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