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Quote1 I am not a man of faith. I am a man of science, Nathaniel. Quote2
--Heinrich Megala (Prime Earth)

Quote1 Me who made you... The powers you have. The knowledge you possess. You have them because of me. Quote2

--Heinrich Megala (Prime Earth)

Quote1 It is said that real power is embodied by the ability to move mountains. That once you can do that, nothing will be denied you. Quote2

--Heinrich Megala (Prime Earth)

Quote1 Glad to hear you and your son have met. Such a gifted young man. You have no idea how gifted. Quote2

--Heinrich Megala (Prime Earth)

Quote1 Now that his tortured existence on this Earth has come to an end... I'd very much like to believe Nathaniel Adam is in a better place now. Quote2

--Heinrich Megala (Prime Earth)

Quote1 Whatever triggered your return trip, it catapulted you to our present -- not the one you left behind. In other words -- welcome to 2017! Quote2

--Heinrich Megala (Prime Earth)

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