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Quote1 I've yearned for this moment, you see. When both halves of the stone would be mine--primed for reunification. So it can grant me what I desire most. To be rid of this frail human shell. Return to what I was. Powerful. Invincible. Glorious. Quote2
--Henry Henshaw (Prime Earth)

Quote1 You all know me, you know what I'm capable of and you know I can give each of you what you desire by addressing our common goal...the demise of Superman. We've come close to destroying him before...but this time, together, we will succeed. Quote2

--Henry Henshaw (Prime Earth)

Quote1 There are thousands of them, these Green Lanterns. Each and every one of them is a fool. An entire corps of self appointed... self-important authoritarians, who deem themselves superior to the rest of us. In reality, their only attributes are their green finger trinkets. They are devoid of natural powers. Did nothing to earn their weaponry. Which is why they have no chance against me. Quote2

--Henry Henshaw (Prime Earth)

Quote1 Your Ravagers have served me well. They're entitled to that which they deserve most. Revenge on those who cast them to the brink of extinction. The Lanterns and their Guardian overlords prevented you from joining a federation that would have elevated you and made your lives better. With their rejection, you were exiled on a barren, rotting husk of a world. The federation didn't care if you lived or died. The supposed champions of the universe, the Lanterns... didn't care either. For that, I will give you their world, and by extension, the seat of power you should have had. I give you... YOUR FUTURE! Quote2

--Henry Henshaw (Prime Earth)

Quote1 I bow to no one. Quote2

--Henry Henshaw (Prime Earth)

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