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Quote1 Captain, you're in the 'Tweens, and things have changed. We'll find the killer. We'll protect these people. Lord knows you never managed. Quote2
--Holly Ann Fields (Prime Earth)

Quote1 You get one chance to come quietly. Then the 'Tweens gets some of its blood back. Quote2

--Holly Ann Fields (Prime Earth)

Quote1 Captain Meers. Someday, very soon... it will be easier to ask who we aren't. Quote2

--Holly Ann Fields (Prime Earth)

Quote1 It's Calvin's. I'd meet Stalin in stocking feet if there were donuts and milk shakes involved, Captain Meers. Quote2

--Holly Ann Fields (Prime Earth)

Quote1 You all get to leave Coral City. That's the good news. Bad news is... if you ever come back? I will bury your soul so deep you'll think Hell is a mile above you. Go. Now. Quote2

--Holly Ann Fields (Prime Earth)

Quote1 They trust us here, Batgirl. They don't have anyone else. Quote2

--Holly Ann Fields (Prime Earth)

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