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Quote1 If Batman wants me to believe he's Bruce Wayne... then he can't be Bruce Wayne... unless it could be a double-whammy... or... or... what? Quote2
--Hugo Strange (Earth-One)

Quote1 Good night, Thorne. Pleasant dreams! Quote2

--Hugo Strange (Earth-One)

Quote1 By heaven, if Hugo Strange cannot be the Batman-- no one can! Quote2

--Hugo Strange (Earth-One)

Quote1 To learn The Batman's secrets-- you must triumph over him-- not me! I was a fool to ever think of selling them! The Batman is too good for such as you-- Thorne! Quote2

--Hugo Strange (Earth-One)

Quote1 Yes, my friend-- You no longer wear your mask! I saw my chance and seized it! Your secrets are secrets no longer-- Bruce Wayne!'' Quote2

--Hugo Strange (Earth-One)

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