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Hypertime Realities refers to any parallel dimension separate from that of the mainstream DC Comics universe. The concept of Hypertime was developed by writer Mark Waid and introduced in The Kingdom series of Elseworlds books. According to Waid, any and every dimensional reality separate from the norm is a canonical reality, though not inherently tied to the DC Universe proper.

Despite an editorial edict by VP Dan DiDio, the concept of Hypertime never went away as in the series 52 Skeets referred to Waverider as "the seer of Hypertime" and in Booster Gold (Volume 2) #30, a future Booster talked about pruning Hypertime.

The 2015 The Multiversity Guidebook used Hypertime to explain the formation ("New shoots, fresh fractal branches wormed their way though hypertime and 52 new universes were born") and changes in the 52 universes ("Which were erased and renewed, as continuities rose and fell in waves and troughs") shown at the end of 52 which also connected the concept to the New 52.

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