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{{Character Appearances}}
{{Character Appearances}}
'''See: [[Jack Horner]]'''
''In chronological order''
*[[Fables 4|Fables #4]] <small>''(Climbing the beanstalk)''</small>
*[[Fables 5|Fables #5]] <small>''(1 Year before issue #1)''</small>
*[[Fables 2|Fables #2]] <small>''(Shortly before issue #1)''</small>
*[[Fables 5|Fables #5]] <small>''(Shortly before issue #1)''</small>
*[[Fables 1|Fables #1]] {{1st}}
*[[Fables 2|Fables #2]]
:*[[Fables 3|Fables #3]] <small>''(Flashback to issue #2)''</small>
*[[Fables 3|Fables #3]]
*[[Fables 4|Fables #4]]

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