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Quote1 ¡Madre de Dios! I can fly! Quote2
--Jaime Reyes (Prime Earth)

Quote1 ¡Ave maria purisima! Quote2

--Jaime Reyes (Prime Earth)

Quote1 And you, fake bugsuit: you think I can't finish what I start? Have fun trying to conquer the world on the back of a high school dropout! Quote2

--Jaime Reyes (Prime Earth)

Quote1 Jaime Reyes is gone, fool--and only the scarab remains! Quote2

--Jaime Reyes (Prime Earth)

Quote1 I just wanted a vacation but fine. Big dumb UFO has to show up and wreck the party. Great. Let's you and I settle this. Quote2

--Jaime Reyes (Prime Earth)

Quote1 We don't need the Justice League, Ted. Not when we've got -- Blue Beetle! But keep calling the League--just in case. And...uh...Ted? Say a prayer for me, will you? Quote2

--Jaime Reyes (Prime Earth)

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