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Quote1 There, Green Lantern commands a lonely throne... ever vigilant, ever waiting for signs of threats extraterrestrial. He waits still. Quote2
--James Corrigan (Earth-22)

Quote1 He is feared, and justly, by those who would deprive the beasts and birds of their sanctuary. Quote2

--James Corrigan (Earth-22)

Quote1 Time has little meaning where we walk, Norman McCay. We move freely from moment to moment... I show you only that which we must see. Quote2

--James Corrigan (Earth-22)

Quote1 You have watched the titans walk the earth...and you have kept stride. Perhaps you are like them than you realize. You exist... to give hope. Quote2

--James Corrigan (Earth-22)

Quote1 He lives between the ticks of a second. He is the Flash. Quote2

--James Corrigan (Earth-22)

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