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Quote1 Look...Ascalon. Look outside yourself. Open yourself to the world, and to experience, as I did. There is God in everything. We do not need to dole out vengeance, we can dole out peace. We can make the world a finer place. Quote2
--Jean-Paul Valley (Prime Earth)

Quote1 You aren't asking if I'm okay, Lucas. You are asking if I can fight. I am angrier than I have ever been in my life, and I am sharing my mind with one murderous AI, and another one modeled off the world's most dangerous vigilante. Yes Lucas. I am ready to fight. Quote2

--Jean-Paul Valley (Prime Earth)

Quote1 You have no secrets from me because you have no secrets from God! I am his righteous blade, the last to die, his Angel of Death... I am Azrael! Quote2

--Jean-Paul Valley (Prime Earth)

Quote1 Nomoz...he’s the one who came for me...he’s the one who broke me. For the greater glory of God. Quote2

--Jean-Paul Valley (Prime Earth)

Quote1 God didn't give up on this place, you ignorant despot. He never cared about it at all. Quote2

--Jean-Paul Valley (Prime Earth)

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