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Quote1 You -- and every instrument of war in this plant -- have a date with the junkheap! Quote2
--Jennifer-Lynn Hayden (New Earth)

Quote1 My face is up here. Quote2

--Jennifer-Lynn Hayden (New Earth)

Quote1 No, that's exactly right, err... patriot hero guy whose name I don't know. Quote2

--Jennifer-Lynn Hayden (New Earth)

Quote1 Effective immediately, Nightwing, you're no longer the team leader of the Outsiders. I am. And my first decision as leader will be expanding our ranks. I believe you two know Starfire. Quote2

--Jennifer-Lynn Hayden (New Earth)

Quote1 I really wish people would stop having sex in the Pequod. It's a high-tech battle cruiser, not the back-seat of a Ford Durango! Quote2

--Jennifer-Lynn Hayden (New Earth)

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