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Quote1 Stormwatch is more than a bunch of do-gooding super agents who save the world. They're my family. They let me win at Monopoly. Quote2
--Jennifer Quarx (Prime Earth)

Quote1 I...I've been watching a movie. But it had a downer of an ending. You really get into the characters and...and then everyone dies... Quote2

--Jennifer Quarx (Prime Earth)

Quote1 I think I created a temporary linac field that accelerated subatomic particles along a linear beamline. Nah, I don't really understand it either. Maybe by the end of the century it'll be in all the school science books. Quote2

--Jennifer Quarx (Prime Earth)

Quote1 I ran before he could say more. Not because I was in a hurry to get to work but because I didn't want him to see me being uncool. I rounded the corner and just wanted to hit something... and the universe provided. Quote2

--Jennifer Quarx (Prime Earth)

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