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Quote1 That... was one bad damn dream. Quote2
--Jennifer Quarx (Wildstorm Universe)

Quote1 He likes what he does. Breaking bones, the bloodshed... those are the only times his smile feels real. What makes a Midnighter. Quote2

--Jennifer Quarx (Wildstorm Universe)

Quote1 God damn Krigstein. Why any of you'd let that bastard onboard the Carrier, I can not imagine...does no one remember he tried to kill me? Quote2

--Jennifer Quarx (Wildstorm Universe)

Quote1 Jenny Sparks told me to just kick you in the nuts and tell you what's what. Quote2

--Jennifer Quarx (Wildstorm Universe)

Quote1 My name's Jenny. I'm here to get you out of here. And then I think the two of us are going to become very good friends. Quote2

--Jennifer Quarx (Wildstorm Universe)

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